Saturday, June 18, 2011

Friday Night Light!

Tonight's friday night light is the Ikea PS Maskros pendant lamp. With it's unique design and fantastic price it's a great option for so many spaces. Now people are starting to customize them and really make them their own. It comes in two different sizes... a 22"($49.99) and a 32"diameter ($89.99). It also casts some really fun shadows at night! Check it out in all of these great spaces!

via Ikea

via Flickr

via Lonny

via Vol 25

The following is a great DIY by Jenny of Little Green Notebook. She made it into an amazing sputnik pendant. Check out the steps here.

Check it out in Amy Butler's house via Apartment Therapy. She made hers gold. Love it!


  1. I love how it looks different in every room! Casual, classy, fun, whatever! :) I want those blue and white!

  2. Agreed with Marcy!! Looks so different in every room. It's bold unique, but yet it blends well with it's surroundings. How is this possible?!?

  3. Amazing that this Ikea lamp is so pretty and I like that you can personalize it too!

  4. Love it's versatility and that you can paint it any color for a different dimension!

  5. Had NO idea this light could be purchased at Ikea! I love it and the images you posted! I have to get one! A MUST!

  6. This is super cool...that image with the table with like *7* of them above it??? Insanely awesome. I especially like the idea of the gold one...oh I have an idea (c;

  7. I have had the tutorial from Little Green Notebooked booked for few weeks now wanting to do something like this for my home. I really like how they painted it gold. So pretty!