Friday, May 6, 2011

Guest Post Friday Night Light!

Today's Friday Night Light is brought to you by the awesome Aubrey from {All Things Bright and Beautiful}. If you haven't been to her fabulous blog already you should go there immediately! She has great style and is one of the nicest and wittiest bloggers around! Take it away Aubrey!

Hidey-ho, neighbors! It's Aubrey from All Things Bright and Beautiful. I'm so excited to be kickin' it with A Graceful Home and Miss Kristine for Friday Night Lights! Because let's be honest, my fridays got hi-jacked by my children *long* virtual lighting par-tays is about as hip as it gets around here! 

There is this trend that I'm just completely head over heels for: Crystal chandeliers *WITH* shades.
Sounds crazy, right? Stay with me here...I promise it's AMAZEBALLS. t's the "have your cake and eat it, too" of lighting...not only do you get your sparkle and glamour of a chandelier, but you get the modern and streamlined look of a drum shade. Winner, winner, chicken dinner is what I say! Just see for yourself!

They are so gorgeous, no?
And struttin' their stuff on the runway!

Hey, I say "go big or go home"...and apparently so does Apartment Therapy...

And style in spades. I'd say this trend is a keeper. (c:
Thanks for letting me commandeer the bloggy for a night, Kristine! It's been real...


  1. I've never seen chandeliers with shades before. This is quite clever and I must say pretty cool!

  2. Ooow I love Aubrey, and the cahndeliers she picked out. Nice post, hurray to both of you
    chantal from Beaulifestyle

  3. You're right Kristine that Aubrey is one of the wittiest bloggers out there. I love her blog! Great sampling of these beauties Aubrey. I think I need one of these in my home as well.

  4. Thanks for having me over, Kristine! Loved it! Happy weekend my dear and Happy Mother's Day!

  5. Love Aubrey and these chanties are super glam and gorgeous. A little to fancy for my place, but definitely pretty! Great series!

  6. Love Aubrey & love this post! Love the chandies w/ the shade. Good point that it's a win/win :)