Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Seeing it in black and white

It's no secret that I love the classic combination of black and white. The high contrast is always appealing in everything from interiors, fashion, photography, and graphic design. Here are some great pictures to inspire a black and white transformation in your space!

via Pinterest


  1. I'm so happy your back!! Hope you enjoyed your blogging break, every one needs one from time to time!

    I love black and white color schemes, hence my wedding. That piece in the photo 2nd from the bottom is intriguing. I wonder if that is a quote, a song, or what exactly was written on that canvas?


  2. Black and white is the ultimate chic color combo, the high contrast is hard to resist! I am especially loving it with gold accents these days, delicious (c:

  3. I want those black and white striped chairs...I'd have to redo my whole house, though...but, then I could hang that lettered canvas above them...*sigh*...too many tastes...