Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I heart fabric

I love fabric! I can make countless trips to the fabric store and still get excited every time. I used to design textile prints at my old job and I have a real love for pattern! The following fabrics were all options I considered for the office. Some of the fabrics I ended up using are also in the mix. Love these! A lot of the fabrics are from Calico Corners.....and good news.....they are on sale. Yay!

Waverly at Calico Corners
p.s. this one can also be found at JoAnn's for 40% off

Thomas Paul at Calico Corners

Iman Lattice at Calico

Premier Prints Canopy

May Apple from Calico

Really cool metallic print from Calico

Fioretto Sandstone found here

Premier prints Chipper

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  1. These are so gorgeous...you used to design textiles??? That is so rad! I'm totally lovin' the inspiration pics for your office and will definitely be back to check them out! Thanks for visiting my little bloggy so I could find yours!