Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Waking up walls

No surprise here that I have love for wallpaper! The pattern...the can definitely take the snooze out of a plain room, without having to spend too much. The wallpaper line Shand Kydd has some great patterns and ranges from $64 - $ can check it out here. My girl Marcy from the fabulous blog, A Designer's Nestpicked the Geometric stripe pattern and if you go to the bottom you can check out her amazing transformation!


Geometric Stripe

Nouveau Floral

Metallic Scallop

Floral Trail

Peacock Floral Trail

Large Metallic Floral

Over the holidays I helped Marcy paper the wall in her dining room. I think it looks amazing. What an impact! She is still figuring out how she wants to style it, but I thought I would share the pictures of the dramatic change!

{Before Pics}


                    Go here if you want to read up on how to do it yourself and save lots of moola!


  1. All this gorgeous wallpaper with no place to go!!! In my home at least )c: Stupid rental! That transformation really is amazing!

  2. Thanks for sharing my home! You are the best for helping me!!!! I LOVE it! (and the price tag on the lamp adds a nice touch) :)

  3. fabulous! love these wallpapers!

  4. Wow, what a difference! I really love the geometric pattern, it adds so much more interest to the room.. I can see myself using it on an accent wall.