Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Night Light!

Tonight's friday night light is the gorgeous Blossom Chandelier by Tord Boontje. It has become a contemporary classic since it's introduction in 2002. It's been seen in the amazing hamptons home of the ever stylish Gwyneth Paltrow. This is how the designer describes it - 
I like crystal when it is used densely with an internal light, because it becomes very magical, like the ice palace of the fairy queen. By using LED we were able to place the light source directly next to the crystals, and best of all they could be programmed to flash on and off in sequence – all adding to the magic.
The form of the blossom branch came from a romantic idea. It is a place where crystal belongs.

close-ups of the actual color of crystals used

Gwyneth's home via House & Garden

Reed Krakoff's southampton home in Elle Decor

The price tag is pretty outrageous....For the large one it is around $37,000 and the smaller one can run you about $22,500! You can find them online here. A girl can dream! Maybe it will provide a little inspiration, or a DIY. Love a little sparkle and light!


  1. That is incredible. Il love how different it is...what a little jewel...fabulous.

  2. It really is quite magical. It reminds me of tree branches in the winter after an ice storm.

  3. Happy Easter!! Just found your blog! I'd love for you to follow me :)

    Such pretty pictures!

    Monique xx

  4. That is such a fantastical completely makes those rooms have an entirely different feel! LOVE it...I'm dying to see a DIY version of that, too! Happy Monday!

  5. Incredible. I can so imagine having something like this in my home, only if my wallet could afford it.

    Thank you for your sweet coments. I am a new follower. Your blog is fantastic.