Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pretty Papers

So, after posting the awesome black and white graphic wallpaper in Tobi Fairley's house, it inspired me to do a little round up. Here are some fun black/charcoal wallpapers.

These top four are all from Schumacher

There are also special light covers and outlet covers that are clear so that you don't have to worry about trying to cover them with wallpaper. They also come with a variety of buttons and finishes.

You can find them here.


  1. LOVE those top two schumacher papers and holy genius idea!!! Clear covers??? Brilliant.

  2. I love the charcoal / white combos. I sometimes think the black is kind of harsh but the charcoal keeps it muted and calm. Love those clear covers.

  3. Gorgeous! I would love to have a room with black & white wallpaper. It would be such a pretty background for colorful furniture & pops of color! Hope your having a wonderful week. Thanks for stopping by :)

    [ keep calm & blog on ] xo katy